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Acer Orbicam


As high-bandwidth communication becomes a reality, Acer once again sets the standard for mobile innovation with its high-performance OrbiCam integrated web camera.

Easy to use and compatible with the most popular instant messaging and Internet-based video and voice communication services, the Acer OrbiCam adds unlimited potential and total simplicity to your video conferencing possibilities

Picture perfect conferencing



The Acer OrbiCam delivers the sharpest video and clearest audio transmission you can get for communicating over the Internet.

An eye for detail



With a 1.3 megapixel CMOS lens, the Acer OrbiCam captures videos and images with vivid detail and clarity. To boost performance even further, the Acer OrbiCam uses Acer PrimaLite technology for accurate light measurement along with Acer VisageON face-tracking technology that calibrates the picture by simulating 22 co-ordinates, pinpointing specific areas of the face and keeping you at the centre of attention.


Acer OrbiCam - Your best shot



With up to 225 degrees of rotation, the super-ergonomic Acer OrbiCam allows you to frame faces and scenes on both sides of the display without having to adjust it.

This eliminates the need to move your notebook during presentations, so you can better focus on the task at hand. With two preset angles, the Acer OrbiCam captures the best picture every time.